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Meditation Tool: The Power of Intention

Ascended Master Kuthumi & Celestial Companions

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

26 July 2019

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quiet your mind; find a comfortable undisturbed space, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your Higher Self for your greater good, according to your personal frequency requisite.

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of illumination.


Beloved ones, beloved masters, there comes a time in ones journey where you are asked to face certain cross roads, make certain decisions, set certain intentions and such a day is this (26 July Galactic New Year)

It is the day that you celebrate a New Year within this part of the universe; it is a day where you celebrate the dawning of a new day internally, even planetary, as the planetary portal extends from itself to welcome change and new life in its divine cycle, its continued cycle of rebirth. The energy of this day importantly serves as a preparation platform for what you term the Lions Gate, the 8:8, and as you very well know the 8:8 serve as a planetary springboard for the 12:12.

The 8:8, the 8th August, the Lions Gate as you know, I will not elaborate on that but I will just share with those that are not certain about this or have not heard of this, it is a portal of infinite possibilities hence the double 8 and it is a portal that was established through the process delivered by the Star System of Sirius. It’s all about creativity, it is all about the Divine Feminine, but it is also about the inner child, the birthing of new things and even though this portal celebrates the divinity in the feminine it doesn’t mean that it is only for the feminine, it celebrates the feminine in the male; it celebrates the Divine Feminine in everything, regardless of its sex, race, colour, creed, and so on and so forth.

2019 as you are very well aware of is a year of great transition for it is the preparation for very, very powerful years that are to come from 2020 onwards. The period between 2020 and 2024 is going to be a period of great sensitivity and intense change, we have said this all along, therefore this year’s 8:8 or Lions Gate as you like to call this is really very powerful in the sense that it beckons in a brand new energy. Beloved ones during the times when the planet, or shall we rather say humanity, was kept in the dark, in the times when desperation reigned and dictatorship was active, much sadness was created within the collective energies, sadness which you as a collective had to work through, overcome and transform. That gave way for the Divine Feminine to be rebirthed and unleashed, and as that energy intensified the total paradigm on the planet, in other words the divine blueprint, which was not so divine (as it was created by limited thinking) had to shatter, had to shift and it did, and when it shifted the Divine Feminine, the Goddess Energy became alive, it became anew, and then in some sort of way it managed to catapult itself through into the opposite direction when it took on a stance of power, a stance of greed, a stance almost to the point of ridiculous, crazy and insane power, for all of a sudden the feminine believed that it is now in charge. So the male energies were in charge for eons and now the females believed that they are now in charge, which is not ideal as there is no balance in that. The balance lies in just that……BALANCE, 50/50.

So now you are living on a planet, where because of society’s rules, and because of the deep scars and the total insecurity of the feminine, their shield has become so protective that it actually creates, believe it or not, a reaffirmation of the dominating masculine imprint, hence the male side of the female is has become too male, if you follow my drift.

Beloved ones this is all about balance, now this is what this particular Lions Gate is going to birth for in time to come, in 2020 and onwards a brand new template of balance is being birthed unto your planet and believe it or not, it carries a refined male energy for now the male essence in the female and the female essence in male has to marry to bring through balance.

Note – the vision I saw here was a female dressed in a 3-piece tuxedo covered with embroidery and intricate beading – Chanel

So the men that believed that they were the ones in control had to give power to the female. The female has to understand that she doesn’t carry all of the power in herself, she needs her male counterparts, she needs the male counterpart within herself to bring about balance, the Divine Masculine/Feminine, I am sure you recall this? So now with what all that has happened on your planet over the last while, as you must realise much trauma is being released which was inflicted by men, be it child abuse, be it rape, it matters not, be it discrimination etc., but typically human, many females are pushing it one step too far and therefore the birth of the Divine Masculine has to be reinstated for it to create a balancing energy on your planet in this time zone and for time to come. So if you ever thought that you have worked through the Divine Masculine/Feminine in the past, you are about to take it to the next level, levels you have never experienced before, because you must remember that the ultimate of all of this is to be a balanced man or women within yourself thus to judge each other according to the laws of androgyny, if you must, for you need to hold hands and understand that at the end of the day there isn’t just black and white, there is a kaleidoscope of grey in-between, and that is the grey area that this energy brings in, that this energy is now reintroducing on a higher, different level, for you are now able to understand a lot more, you can perceive a lot more than what you could a week ago, a day ago, a year ago, so now your Divine Masculine/Feminine template is asking you, so what are your intentions?

That is your next tool.

What are the intentions behind what you wish to do?

Beloved ones we could sit here for days and not complete this discussion on intention, the power of intention, the laws of manifestation, the laws of the universe, laws of give and receive, the law of attraction, the law of sense, the law of focus, it is endless, for the intention behind everything is the power that propels it into being, it is for that very reason whenever we created teachings in the past which included in some way or another an essay on vision and focus, we ask the essence of Diana to bring that teaching forth, like with the bow and arrow you need focus, and from that focused point of view you need absolute natural rhythm between the bow and its arrow for it to end up exactly where your eyes send it. When you pull a bow and arrow it doesn’t just end up trivially in a tree, it hopefully ends up on what you are focusing on. Now that is intention, intention is the power that propels your thoughts, your mind and your heart into a set direction, to a certain spot, or a certain area where you are focusing upon.

In the last session we discussed the essence of love and the importance of love and how love is the beginning and the end of everything, as it was in your meditation with the crystalline fountain in the beginning and at the end again, embracing yourself in that Christ Light, for that is the highest, most divine request you could ever bequeath onto yourself, and to ask for. Beloved ones now if you have that love and you have the ability to focus that love onto something then the intention behind it is what drives that into being.

We found it very humorous that this channel believed todays teaching to be about ‘protection’ for in her mind she mulled over what could be next, although she tried not to, but it is only human. Protection is extremely important but if there is no intention behind the protection then there is nothing. So if you have that love essence in your being and you are clearly able to work with intention, on what you intend to do with your energy, thus what your intentions are behind your vision and your focus in your meditations, in your daily life, what is your intention behind sleep, rest, what is your intention behind going to the place of your daily experience…money, earning a living, or living out your passion, or hopefully both. What is your intention behind the relationships in your life, do they serve you, do you serve them, is it a balanced energy for if it’s not it’s a problem. What are the intentions behind your dreams, your visions and your focus? That is what this lesson is asking you.

So once you are empowered and powered up by love, once that engine begins to spin and the power behind it is love, the intention thereof becomes infinite, it becomes a puzzle, an absolute possibility of whatever you choose, it could be anything, beloved ones, and then again it could be everything.

The portal opening this day over a 48 hour period will be taking you into the 8:8 and will be fully anchored and shut on the 12th August, opening the illumination period thereafter, stretching through to your 12:12 and 21:12 and then into 2020. This energy beckons of you to listen with your heart, forget about listening with your ears, listen with your heart for by listening to anything with your heart you will understand there is a new frequency of balance and this is the balanced masculine/feminine frequency being reinforced, reiterated again to bring back balance in the almost topsy turvy feminine that has spun slightly out of control, and that we aid in swinging back into balance so that the divine masculine/feminine comes back into the balance where it must be, and this portal through this teaching of intention and the intention with the love behind it now gives unto you the opportunity to change things around you.

Beloved ones an exercise that you can do, please follow me, visualize in your mind that you are sitting in a very quiet place. Relax your mind completely.


From behind you a masterful angelic being comes walking towards you. You are not going to turn around to face that being for you know who it is, in your heart you know who it is.

That being indicates for you to get up, stand up, and without turning around towards it, it hands you your own crystalline bow and arrow.

Now visualize ahead of you the universal night sky, beautiful stars glittering everywhere, thousands upon thousands of stars and planets.

Visualize yourself as a magnificent powerful being standing on planet Earth connecting with the Earth through the intention of love. Now in your mind’s eye start seeing various stars spelling out various key words for you, key words relating to that which you wish to manifest in your life, for example, abundance of vegetables, financial freedom, two more children, a new car, whatever you wish, create a little message given to you from the stars, flashing in crystalline lights across the sky, then take up your bow and arrow, aim, and shoot divinely with the intention to hit the target in the bulls eye every time, and as each arrow connects with each intention see it explode, and as it explodes that energy anchors itself all over the planet in divine crystalline form, all over you, all over the planet, and so your dreams through the action of love and intention becomes manifest. Just visualize that. For through the act of intention, each and every vibrational frequency that separates you from that which you wish for  diminishes, so with every exercise that you do it comes closer, with every intention that you set it comes closer, but you need to love this through the essence of the heart, see it through the brilliance of your mind for it to become part of your essence and that’s what it needs to be. You need to shrink the distance between that which you desire and that which you are with such love that it has absolutely no way that it cannot manifest for you. Not through the act of greed but through the act of love. Not through the act of desire from the sense of greed but from the act of desire through the sense of love. Not from the act of desire through the sense of ego but rather through the sense of compassion.    

Beloved ones in this short visitation the key we wish you to focus on is what your intentions are all about. Understand that you can beat your drum until you are blue in the face, but if your intentions behind that beat is not congruent with that which is in you, it ain’t going to happen. What is that passion within you that drives your free will? It is those energies as you know within the diamond chakra, the twelfth chakra, the free will and the passion that awakens the intent of love within and as these diamond codes of balance, of free will and of passion fills your every being, as these Christ Consciousness crystalline codes fill your every being all we ask is for you to remain focused on the vision of love within your heart and to allow that to propel and power your intention, and if you can do that you are well on your way. 

So as you are now about to embark on a brand new energy really, an energy of true balance, an energy of letting go of the old and that includes the bossy females, and energy of balance within the Divine Masculine/Feminine we ask you to embrace these new energies that are coming forth in a more balanced, divine masculine way to embrace the feminine in itself and in so doing by both parties playing the game there can only be more balance in their lives, in your lives, in the collective storage, this massive, massive storage of information in and all around you and therefore the cleaning up of the planet can happen sooner. The ‘putting to rest of the old’ and the embracing of the new can be laced with love and good intentions, love and great intentions, and therefore be sure that every intention that you have is birthed through love, that’s all, for if you love that which you wish to get into your life, the vibrational frequency between the two of you that prevents this diminishes with every intention you put, simple.

Beloved ones let your intention be the love within you and the world truly will be your oyster.

We bless you with a most incredible energy for the 8:8 and this period between, it is so exciting, we are so excited for you and so you must be, you must be excited, for there are exciting things happening behind the scenes, and your world is going to become so amazing over time, that you are not even going to recognize the old templates anymore, for the intention in your heart and the love frequency of your internal vibration won’t allow you to.

Until we meet again, I AM Kuthumi, I AM the Lord and the Master Chohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I greet and I bless thee in love. Adonai

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