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Spiritual Teachings – New Beginnings

Spiritual teachings and new beginnings always come when we least expect it.

Well it’s taken some time – 8 months to be exact – for me to get my head around working on my own.  For so many years, I have shared my spiritual teachings and journey with someone very dear to me.  But all that has now changed, and I must find my own spiritual path.

Essentially each one of us are on a personal journey and that has been a great lesson for me there.  I’ve finally come to understand that I can do this on my own and that I have my guides with me every step of the way.  They have never let me down and in fact have been gently encouraging me to take this step to create my own new space.

So starting today, Spirit Connection is in fact alive and kicking!  I invite you all to share in this personal journey of mine.  My wish is to bring you love, encouragement and as much spiritual teaching as I can.  I will keep you updated as to what is happening in the space of Spirit Connection at all times and hope that together we will experience a continued journey of love and light.

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Spirit Connection is an online platform to facilitate connecting light workers with people seeking their help.

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