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Over the many years of doing readings for people, I have come to realise that we’re looking for the same thing.  Everyone is searching for love and that’s not to say love from a partner – we as human beings need to feel that we are loved.  We also have such a strong need to feel accepted and that what we do serves a purpose for the greater good, or a higher purpose.

Sadly I have also come to understand that so many of us have a distorted view of how we serve our fellow beings.  You need only scroll through your facebook feed to see how much judgement we pass on each other every day.  What makes the news is always someone having caught someone else doing something wrong, which is then followed by a flurry of sharing with absolute outrage!  And that’s where it ends…

Focusing inward allows us to see ourselves more clearly and affords us the opportunity to think before we act.  And thinking before you act allows you to be more discerning in what you say. And if we all had to think before we say something, how much kinder could we all be to one another?  Kindness takes no effort – it is so much easier to focus light and love than to stir up anger within ourselves to say nasty things about each other or to jump on the bandwagon of sharing negativity at every turn.

My thought for the day is that we should all spend time focusing inward, acknowledging that each and every one of us as human beings has the potential to be great.  We are all created in the likeness of God, which in essence means that we are God, because we are a part of that pure all creative enrgy that is God.  Surely we should recognise this within each other and surely we should be doing more to honour that pure essence in each other.  If we try and we get it right for just an hour every day, we will alter our thought processes and find ourselves doing it for longer periods every day and eventually let it become a part of who we are.

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