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What if setting Money Goals is a compass on your journey?

Ok, before you say “o here we go again!”, and click away, what if you plan your life well then live that plan? As the Cheshire Cat said to Alice in Wonderland when she said she didn’t know where she was going, “Well then it doesn’t matter because all roads will take you there”.

So what road are you on towards financial abundance? Is it difficult? A struggle? Always want more? Never have enough? Is this a result of setting money goals? Or maybe it’s because those goals have never been set…hmmm.

I invite you to read along with me and see where you are…it’s maybe 5 minutes of your time.

What if setting realistic and achievable money goals is part of the process of improving your relationship with money?

Studies show that people who set goals and work with their goals actually achieve more than people who have an idea or thought that well one day I want to achieve this or that and I want to make more money and I want…all very wishy washy without focus and not detailed or specific. The idea is to decide what you really want very specifically so that you can create a strategy for going after it. If you say: “I want to make more money” that’s all well and good but it’s too vague. How much more do you want to make? What is more? The universe doesn’t know – R5 is more…

Instead of saying “I’d like to make more money”, you say “I’d like to earn 10% more than I currently earn” – and work it out – the exact amount – in currency value.

If you are in a job that never gives increases or bonuses and you want to earn more money, is staying in that job going to achieve this goal?

And if you now need to look at something else, this opens another whole bag of worms. Because you may have to change jobs or you may have to have a business on the side to generate multiple streams of income – and then this takes time away from your leisure time.

And if you can’t give that up, can you earn the same and spend less: so your goal would be: “I want to spend less”. Is this feasible? How would you go about it? What inner feelings would you need to resolve to spend less – if any?

When setting goals for your financial abundance, ensure that the goals you set are in tune with your personal values. For example, if you want to achieve something that takes a lot of hard work, a lot of extra effort that you need to give hours to, and one of your current values or habits is spending time with your family, then while reaching the goal you have set will be in conflict with your habitual behaviour/value, you may begin to resent the goal – or conflicting value – and sabotage it because there is a conflict of interest here – within yourself.

Importantly, when setting your goals, ensure that it’s something you really want and are prepared to change for. Not only that the goal is what you want but the consequences of going after that goal, of achieving that goal, are what you really want. You do need to consider consequences. Say for example, you say I want a much bigger house and you now get this bigger house. To move into this bigger house, you may need to leave a neighbourhood that is familiar, that you have friends in, that has real meaning for you. You may find yourself all alone, no friends close by and you may feel isolated. When making the goal “I want a bigger house” you need to decide whether you can deal with the consequences of achieving this goal. When looking at goals you look at whether or not they are in tune with your values and whether you want to deal with the consequences of achieving that goal.

A lot of people set income goals – or any goal – that are outside of their habitual experience and the experience of everyone they know.

For example, a person earns 40K a month and sets a goal of “I want to earn R250, 000 per month next year.” The goal is so far away from the current 40K that is may be impossible to do something rapidly enough to achieve the goal – unless it’s money from an inheritance, or a game of chance or lotto – but we’re talking about earning this specific amount. And if 40K is your normal earning bracket, going to 250K is going to significantly change your lifestyle. People may set these numbers which are far away from where they are, that they never do anything about it. It’s really a way of protecting your identity – protecting who you are today. If you are earning 40K and your goal is 250K, it may be out of your experience range as to how you’re going to reach it. Now does that mean you’ll never earn 250K? No, it doesn’t mean this at all, but it is unrealistic to expect this within a one-year period unless you have something very specific in mind. You need to prepare in advance for such a shift, because if you haven’t thought about “If I’m earning 250k per month next year and I usually earn 40k, what am I going to do with the money, what am I going to do with the surplus?

I am really glad that you have followed the Money Matters series wherein I am sure you have learned some things and questioned others.

Throughout my journey, the body has fascinated me: be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. I have been curious as to why it behaves the way it does on all those levels and whether, if at all, they are all connected. And I came up with a resounding “YES!” Using all the Body knowledge I studied, and learned and pieced together, through a multitude of teachers and modalities, enables me to understand how the body works, how it is in continuous conversation with you – if you’ll just pause and listen.

All Key Academy emerged to create a safe, secure and protected environment in which to learn, empower and transform. This is where you can learn a variety of methods to communicate with your body, through modalities such as, Chakra Balancing Massage, Mindfulness Meditation, Multi-Dimensional Meditation, Business, Life and Self-development coaching (“In The Flow” and “Money Matters” coaching programs), Life Mapping, De-chording and Access Bars. I am also a qualified life and business coach.

Using tips and tricks from the above modalities, I facilitate business coaching as a consultant, opening up business owners to possibility and self-realization that if they themselves don’t change, their business cannot change. An eye opener of note!

My point of view is that your Self Relationship is the most important relationship for you to know in the support of you in your journey.

Once you understand and are aware of your Identity – your auto-responses – you are able to SHIFT them if you want to.

All my work as a Transformation Educator is to support you in your understanding of your own Self Relationship as you travel on your journey to emerge into all of you. This is my Soul Purpose.

I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you in ways that you feel resonate with you.

How can I support you today? Michele Mollentz, All Keys Academy

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