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The following is a talk that was given by a friend of mine (with whom I sadly have lost contact) at the Seventh Ray Spiritual Centre. I have unfortunately not been unable to get hold of Michael and have taken the liberty of publishing it anyway – I am very sure he won’t mind.

As a child growing up I was always taught from the bible and the book of Genesis that in the beginning God said “let there be light.” And so in my little mind I understood that the sun is what gave our mother earth its light because at night we had no sun and in the day we had sunlight and it was daytime.

This was my own simplistic view in my infantile mind of what light was. It was that which distinguished day from night. This was so obvious to me and I could see it happen every day and every night and for me it needed no further explanations.

My biology teachers at school also taught me that our animal kingdom and plant kingdoms needed sunlight to survive and procreate, and that human beings need light to survive. And so I equated sunlight as a “life giving” force as so did the ancients.

I soon also read that this is why the ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun in such a great way that they considered it to be the Divine Being. This all made such good and common sense. This is what I understood as being light. Sunlight was good and so everyday I sat and played in the sun as much as I could!!!

As I progressed later in my life I became a researcher of the truth and learnt that I was created by a God rather than a sun, my concept of and understanding of what really was the divine light came to be questioned by myself. I also noticed that there was much symbolism in icons and pictures in all religions depicting images of light.

Throughout spiritual traditions light has been given it’s own distinct meanings. Buddhism explains it as “original goodness” and Christianity explains it as “purity”. Light is often seen as beautiful as opposed to darkness of which connotates evil, lostness or confusion.

This is what called me to embark on my own spiritual journey in seeking out what is the true meaning and a greater understanding of “the divine light.” Through my many probing questions in my own contemplative meditations over the years much has thankfully been revealed to me to the point that the Divine Light was no longer a lesson in academia for myself but an experience given to me through much hard work and nurturing from others that some would call Lightworkers.

Light is not light of the sun or any physical light. I have been shown that light “IS GOD” that it is the Living God and the Source of all Universal Life. It is that simple. It is the creative force and energy that is available and lives in each and every one of us and everything.

So the question is how do we acquire it.?

Before we can draw it down into ourselves we have to first ACCEPT IT! As an initiate this on its own can at the beginning be a deepening, difficult and daunting task as the infusion and transmission of the light within ourselves at the beginning creates even more challenging questions, inner turmoil and introduces profound alterations within ourselves physically and metaphysically.

I found myself questioning the authenticity of the phenomena and effects of the light and what it was doing to myself and my body. It was only the “desire” to learn and investigate that kept me going at the start. The desire is very important.

Each persons struggle with this acceptance is unique based on our transcending the layers of our own embedded religious doctrines and previously provocative thoughts. I also had my own struggle in dealing with this.

How and if you do accept this is really based on your own self. There is no general rule and answer to this as each one of us has to find our unique path in this. What I did realise is that in order to accept this I had to open my heart.

Each one of us is a vessel that can be home to the living and divine light and GOD. My life ambition in achieving my journey is to become in all respects and levels physically possessed by the light.

Each one of us has the potential to accept it and welcome into our physical and metaphysical existence.

There are however some very strict rules and disciplines that must first be exercised in order to achieve this. There are no shortcuts.

Some form of regular spiritual or meditative practice is essential. Listening to sermons and reading books are good, however, wisdom comes through doing and experience. It is a practice and not a concept. It also usually requires a critical life change. It is essential to quiet the monkey mind as the light is revealed in the silence.

To quote the bible ” Our Bodies are the Temple of the Living God”. What does this really mean. I think it means that our bodies are a sacred residence and places for light. And so first before we are able to receive and accept the light we must have a clean mind and a clean body.

Meditation and Spiritual practice is a profound and penetrative means of achieving a quiet and clean mind and a healthy balanced diet achieves a clean body. This enables ourselves in every sense to become lightbodies or bodies of light.

The tool for discovering our basic goodness is meditation and the path is that of warriorship. This requires dedication no doubt but then it all comes back to the desire!! Do you have the desire?

The extent of the light we are able to receive in essence depends on our own evolution and readiness. It can be compared to a light bulb. Putting in 40 watts of light energy into a 20 watt light bulb just wont work and so we all have different capacities at different times for receiving of the light and its properties.

Regular meditation and spiritual practice is important – it consistently helps growing your own capacities day by day.

Which brings me to the point of what are the properties of the divine light. The Divine Light is more than just an electrical current or electromagnetic force as many scientists have described. Light is GOD INFORMATION.

Once we accepted and have the capacity to receive the light, our Divine creator transmits in his light to ourselves, his Divine knowledge and information. This is just amazing and so your vibrational frequencies are increased in helping you reach your higher divine self in achieving and becoming god like, and co-creators with the Divine. The Buddhists refer to this as to be enlightenment or illumination. It may even reach the stage point where one may see the light and experience it for yourself.

The God Information we receive in the divine light is the Metaphysical phenomena for each one of us. It brings about a new consciousness that defies and is beyond all logic.

My experiences in accepting and receiving the light and its effects at first as an initiate were profound and scary to say the least. Maybe some of you sitting here have also had similar experiences. I suddenly had no concept of time which for me seemed to slow down completely and I suddenly could not judge distance and space. It was if I was taken out of my fixed position and put back somewhere else. This is caused by the vibrational frequency change that takes place when receiving the light. I felt as if I was extracted out of a grid and relocated onto another one where things really work out differently.

In fact at work at my office for many days parked in a parking space next to my own which belonged to my colleague without realising it until I got a disgruntled email from him.

What is even more scary when this all happens is that the Light exposes yourself to yourself and all your “STUFF” is presented to yourself straight between the eyes with no warning. BAM THERE it is. No doubt an emotional crisis of all sorts did follow.

This Divine light when received brings with it a greater consciousness and awareness and an elevation of the higher self. A profound change that also comes with this reception of the Divine Light is the quality and value that you have and find in all of your relationships. The relationship with yourself, others and even objects. The quality of the relationships are deeper and more loving.

With this a recognition of the light and the GOD in all others and things becomes significant and apparent to oneself. This is enlightenment or illuminosity. The tree that you used to see is no longer just a tree and a mountain is no longer just a mountain. With the divine light you receive the gift of spiritual eyes and with it an appreciation and recognition of GOD that lives in all people and things.

How could anyone refuse these gifts that are just waiting for each and every one of us??

 Living from the heart is also a very useful way of developing the light within your heart by focusing your light outward to reach others and the world.

The Physical part of receiving light is the fine tuning and balancing of the seven chakras within the energy points in the body. This is the physical preparation required in receiving the light. The point of entry into our bodies of this divine information is the crown chakra. The chakras are the receptors or “the light bulbs” as I mentioned earlier of the seven rays or different light energies. It is essential that the chakras within the body are well aligned and balanced in order that the light energy may enter in a consistent flow and in a balanced way.

The effects of receiving of the Divine Light are a physical and metaphysical manifestation. The physical effects of the reception of the divine light is that it changes and alters the physical body.

The light of God is everywhere , but just like the unconscious beating of the heart and the unnoticed inflation and deflation of the lungs we do not pay much attention to it.

The act of meditation in all its various forms tunes us into the divine light. The more conscious we are of light , the more we can learn how to become a vessel for it and its conduit , spreading its radiance to the world at large.

Michael Tymvios

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