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How to deal with year-end stress

We all know that feeling when the end of the year creeps up way faster than we anticipated it to, and there is so much that still needs to be done and things we didn’t get to do yet.

It’s then important to ask ourselves, why exactly are we stressed out? We get overwhelmed by everything that still needs to be done because we are constantly focused on the future, we over-analyse, stress and worry about everything that still needs to be done, then anticipate the worst if it’s doesn’t happen. On the other end we look backwards and worry about the things we haven’t done yet, creating feelings of disempowerment, frustration and disappointment in ourselves. This is how we create stress in our minds. With the emphasis on the word “mind”. If you are feeling stressed, it is because you have stressful and worrying thoughts. The negative thoughts are creating negative feelings. It always starts in the mind. Thus, if it starts in your mind with negative thoughts, it means it can be changed, because minds can be changed. Start there, change your thoughts and definitions about your situation, and you will create a different perception, which will in return create different feelings.

However, if you are feeling stressed at the moment, here’s a few tips on dealing with it in a productive manner:

  • Stay focused on the present – What can be done NOW? Stop thinking about what should still be done, or what could have been done, it’s only filling your mind with unnecessary anxiety.
  • Prioritize – Make a list of what is absolutely priority and set time aside to do those first. Give yourself some deadlines to make yourself accountable.
  • Focused attention – When you have prioritised your to-do list, take focused action. Stay out of your head and focus on one thing at a time and get things done.
  • Choose your words wisely – Stop using phrases like “I’m overwhelmed” , “I’m stressed”, “there’s too much to do”, “how will I get everything done”, “there’s not enough time”, “time is running out” Just mentioning these makes me get a sense of anxiety…
  • Set intentions – On a daily basis, set intentions for the day like “Today I’m going to be excited to complete A and B”, “Today I’m finally finalising C”, “Today I feel totally energised to complete all my tasks”, “Today I choose to see the positive in every situation”, “Today I am confident and happy”
  • Delegate – If you feel that you won’t be able to get to everything, delegate tasks to willing colleagues, friends or family. They will be more than willing to assist.
  • Take care of yourself – If you feel drained and tired, you will not be able to perform at your best. Take some time to go for a massage, go for a walk, a picnic in the park, meditate, dancing or anything that will recharge and energize you for the last few weeks of the year.
  • Plan ahead – Start setting your 2019 goals NOW, don’t wait for the new year. Think about what you would like to do differently in the next year and start planning towards it now.

Remember, no situation or event has automatic meaning attached to it.   One person might experience a situation as being a challenge and will get excited about it, while another can experience the same situation as daunting, overwhelming and get demotivated to even start. Your perceptions create your experience, change your perception and you will start changing your life.

The end of the year doesn’t have to be stressful, it’s all about how you define it. The choice is yours.

Maryke Groenewald, Transformation Coach – Life Purpose Coaching

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