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Creating wealth from the inside out!
Does Money Matter?
The answer is a simple “Yes” or “No”. Whatever your response, look at the why of your answer. Explore the tone of your answer: Is it Uncaring? Pleading? Desperate? Needy? Grateful? Appreciative?

Now as an activity, go out and find ONE person who supports the opposite answer to yours (if you said “no”, find someone who says “yes”). And explore their WHY and their tone to their answer. A good conversation starter and a great way of networking!

What have you discovered?
When researching some countries, you may find that the people with the biggest smiles are the people who have very little, or no, money. How can that be, you may ask? Maybe then it is not money that matters…

If it is possible that it is NOT money that matters, maybe it’s the feelings/things it symbolises. If this resonates with you then what is that for you: happiness? Health? Contentment? Peace? Food? The next trendy item? Travel? Entertainment? If you had to dig deep, is there a possibility that it is NOT money you’re after but what it symbolises? Going deeper, is there any other possibility that you could have what you seek without chasing the money? I’d love to hear from you with regard to your discoveries. Feel free to email me @ michele@AllKeyAcademy.co.za and maybe we’ll create a WhatsApp group for discussion.

Next, let’s look at Money Beliefs
You cannot change your financial position, without changing some core beliefs which in turn change you.
We live our lives unaware of beliefs we hold that shape our path and destiny. A question: is a belief a truth? My point of view is that it is not. I hold the point of view that if just ONE other person does not believe what I believe, then that belief cannot be a truth. How can I say this? Well let’s look at some beliefs we grew up with:

Money doesn’t grow on trees: is this true? Of course not! Money is paper therefore money definitely grows on trees and furthermore it is actually the WHOLE tree!

People with money are selfish/controlling/…is this true? Do you know of ONE person, in the media, global philanthropist, or someone personally that either has a reputation for giving or you KNOW is selfless and uncontrolling, while still having money?

Another question while we are here is: what if selfishness is not “bad” but actually necessary? What is the difference between being selfish and being self-centred? This is another whole conversation which I may cover in the future or in another form. The same goes for controlling…do we sometimes NEED to be controlling – what would those circumstances be?

So maybe the question should be turned on its head such as: what if people with money are selfish or controlling because there is a valid reason for this behaviour? Could I feel compassion for them in their need to be either or both?

Money is dirty/evil/…Does money have a personality? Is it at all possible for money to be evil? There is a saying that “Guns don’t kill. People do.” Could this be applied to money? Because money is just paper, an inanimate object, would it be more sensible to look at people who are handling the money – what are their traits and personalities? Is it fair to money to put those same traits and personalities onto it…remembering that money is inanimate?

Money brings unhappiness: Again, are we asking the correct question here? How is it possible that money can make us unhappy…or happy? Is happiness or unhappiness just a state of being? Where does happiness or unhappiness come from – inside ourselves! Therefore, money (or anything) outside of us, cannot influence our state of being…it is our reaction to that external force that creates a change in our internal being. Yes, we need to own this and take responsibility for it. You may just find that when you change this point of view about money (or anything external) your whole life can change.

Work hard for your money: reading this belief makes me very sad. I know so many people who work really, really hard and their financial situation does not change. Look around you: domestic workers, gardeners, mine workers, road workers all work hard, some in the midday sun, and yet their financial position remains the same. So is this really, really true? NO. What other legal and ethical ways are available to have money? Find some time to explore this and see what possibilities you can come up with…how could money come to you easily and effortlessly?

What if… Work can be fun and joyful? To be truly honest, I engaged many of the above beliefs and have spent some time questioning them and finding other more supporting beliefs to support me on my journey. The one huge belief I had was that I needed to work to get paid, The conflicting belief I had was that my work IS my play – therefore I couldn’t get paid because the deeper belief was that I don’t get paid to play, I only got paid to work. I worked through this – and my whole business shifted. And here I am having fun writing this article to share what I have learned with you so that your journey may be a little easier.

Going back to the beginning, if you believe that all wealthy people are bad or you believe money is bad or dirty, do you think you will manifest a lot of money in your life or live a prosperous life? This shows your relationship with wealthy people affects your beliefs which in turn creates what you manifest.
A last thought: Question everything, Conclude nothing.

Who is Michele Mollentz – and what is All Key Academy?

Throughout my journey, the body has fascinated me: be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. I have been curious as to why it behaves the way it does on all those levels and whether, if at all, they are all connected. And I came up with a resounding “YES!” Using all the Body knowledge I studied, and learned and pieced together, through a multitude of teachers and modalities, enables me to understand how the body works, how it is in continuous conversation with you – if you’ll just pause and listen.

All Key Academy emerged to create a safe, secure and protected environment in which to learn, empower and transform. This is where you can learn a variety of methods to communicate with your body, through modalities such as, Chakra Balancing Massage, Mindfulness Meditation, Multi-Dimensional Meditation, Business, Life and Self-development coaching (“In The Flow” and “Money Matters” coaching programs), Life Mapping, De-chording and Access Bars.

My point of view is that your Self Relationship is the most important relationship for you to know in the support of you in your journey. Once you understand and are aware of your Identity – your auto-responses – you are able to SHIFT them if you want to. All my work as a Transformation Educator is to support you in your understanding of your own Self Relationship as you travel on your journey to emerge into all of you. This is my Soul Purpose. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you in ways that you feel resonate with you. How can I support you today?

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