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Meditation Tool 4: Permission for Integration

Ascended Master Kuthumi & Celestial Companions

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

10 October 2019

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quiet your mind; find a comfortable undisturbed space, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your Higher Self for your greater good, according to your personal frequency requisite.

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of integration.


Beloved ones integration is such an incredible and amazing part of your consciousness. By opening up yourselves to the channels of integration means to allow yourself the gift of expansion, for only by accepting integration into your world, thus by integrate something into your current seat of consciousness, you give yourself permission from self to the self to be transformed.

Now that is the great key of this lesson, permission. Permission is such a an intense, deep word in your English vocab, vernacular if you like, for to be able to give yourself permission to do something is probably one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself, for you see, most of humanity flies through lifetimes unable to give themselves permission to integrate, to move, to change and to expand for they are inevitably trapped within a lower thought form vibration which they have integrated without their permission and therefore unable to expand. Be that as it may, let sleeping dogs lie. It matters not who prevented you from integrating and perceiving or who supported you, what matters is the permission that you allow yourself to receive for you to be able to integrate what you need, and therefore to be able to expand from that.

Now reflecting back on the lessons that we have gone through or the teachings that we have shared over the last while relating to the meditation that we have taught you, these processes that we work through is very much a reflection of various stages of your life for in the very beginning of this process you are asked to imagine the impossible, the absolute purity and the Christ light within. Now that is probably the most natural substance that is active within you as a human spirit being and as a human personality being. It is an essence that is there that is never going to change and that is always going to be with you to the very end, but it depends on whether you are actually giving yourself permission to integrate that into your current seat of consciousness as to where you are going to go with it, for you need to be able to allow yourself the gift of integration, giving the self permission to be transformed for your world to expand.   

During the second division (or in actual fact really the first division) for the very first section was merely a ‘let’s sit down and talk situation’, so during the second part of that energy we shared with you the first thing to do is to actually just get real with yourself, be real with yourself, let’s not create a pie in the sky situation of build sand or glass castles that may fall and wither and shatter. What we are saying is, that you now have the need, the desire and the absolute will to step in to a divine process of transformation, in other words if you are now preparing yourself to give yourself permission to integrate things then this is where we start and that’s where life truly starts….at your senses, the very beginning of your essence.

Your first introduction into this world as a little one is the recognition of senses. Now there are various senses that have been automatically built in and ingrained into you as a pure newly born soul-spirit being and that is the sense of permission really, for you recognise your mother, you inevitably recognise your father and your siblings before you recognise anyone else, but let’s not get into the confusing part of this, let’s just stick to the earthly part of this for now. So the senses is what awakens the drive within you to say let’s embrace this lifetime, lets embrace this world, let’s get on and move along and move ahead, lets understand what this journey is about by integrating the very basic building blocks of life….the elements yes, and lets never forget that in-between all of that we are sublimely connected to the magic of the world beyond this that we could never be separated from, that is the essence of the golden and crystalline energy and to anchor that lets focus on the breath. Beloved ones the breath of life is what keeps you alive. The breath is sacred and therefore the practice of the breath is essential for humanity to think clearly, to oxygenate themselves. So in that we said what was your intention, what was your intention in all this? So from the intention of understanding the basics and building blocks we then moved into awakening the intuition and we asked you to tap into your imagination, very importantly the word imagination. Beloved ones I used that word for a very specific reason for humanity shy’s away from their imagination, they somehow think when they become a little more grown up that intuition is the way and the only way, but intuition would be nothing without imagination for your imagination is what allows your intuition to awaken to a fully awakened state of being, to the point where you no longer imagine it, to the point that you are actually living it, reflecting through it, in other words, that is where you separate the men from the boys when it comes to playing games. You allow your imagination to tickle your intuition and once your intuition is ready it tells your imagination….hello….I am real.

That is the second phase of your divinity of your plan of your life on Earth. Now I am not going to please you by putting things in boxes, you are all grown up enough to decide for yourself in which category you wish to place yourself within, the category of the newly awakened, the category of the next awakened or the category that now you say through the essence of imagination and intuition show me something different, show me something profound that this world is about and this world says to you, you are the most profound thing in this world, so why don’t you show yourself what you are about, why don’t you hold your own hand and guide your own essence into complete transformation by for once being able to sit down and accept and love yourself for the true divine essence that you are. You are that multi-faceted, multidimensional magical, magnificent expression of light, so let us awaken you to that, that’s the next phase of your incarnation by starting to actually have the guts to begin to work with yourself.

In working with yourself there are certain essences that need to be. You need to separate your perceptions of good, bad, black, white, evil, whatever. You need to come to a stage of your being where you understand that within you is a divine core of absolute pure spirit essence and it is within that divinity, it is within that divine program that you find every single answer that you have ever searched for, that you have ever yearned, that you have ever treasured for, but for you to be able to do that let us apply the tools of intuition and imagination for us to be able to step into a new frequency of love and of being and of integrating these things. So that is the next step.

So here we are now at this phase of your being where you are asked to allow the tools of integration and the tools of perception to transform your world and how do you do that?, permission. Give yourself permission to integrate and transform. So permission and integration are two keys we are working with here.

This phase of your being asks of you….. so I am now here at this third phase, I am here as a being, as a human being, as a spirit-soul being, so what is this all about, what should I do now, what permission should I give myself to integrate higher essences for me to transform myself, and once again as we did with the senses and elements, as we did in anchoring the breath, as we did in creating the protective shield around you for you to understand that in actual fact you are such an incredible being all you have to do is discover it and by discovering it all you have to do is actually be real with yourself, integrate yourself and allow yourself to open to higher worlds and everything will be transformed, so here in this third phase the first thing, the most important thing through this, these tools of integration and permission is to come back to basics again. You see life takes you through an elevation, up a staircase, higher and higher and higher until you are gone. You may or may have not realised that. This meditation is done in exactly the same process, it takes you from a lower vibration into a very high frequency over time, as life does, it is the natural flow of being.

In the third phase of this energy we once again have to come back, pay respects and homage and give thanks, gratitude is very important. So then let us first recognise you, since you are so amazing. You have a body, you have a mind, you have a brain and you have so many wonderful things that keeps this all together. So let us then start at that, dissect it very quickly and as we do so beloved ones, let us not forget for a single second to give thanks for it. For the greatest gift that you can ask for, the greatest abundance that you could ask for is health, for if you have health of mind and body you have the gift that is unpriceable on your planet. Yes we understand you enjoy the comforts, yes who would not, we understand you enjoy the pleasures of your world, yes!!! But this is first and fore mostly asking you to pay respects to you as an intrinsic biological multidimensional being. So the first thing we tapped into here is to begin to rewire that which is wrong or that which is imbalanced or that which needs attention, whichever way you would like to chew on my words, you decide. We are not judging, and I hope you are not judging yourself for if anything you should never judge, rather you valuate and evaluate yourself but judge shalt thy not, not in this classroom.

Beloved ones so by taking a look at your incredible gifts, the first one of those of those incredible gifts is your consciousness, hence we first plugged you into your consciousness cord, for your life cord is always there. If your life cord is not present you are not here, not by any means or design or possibility for that matter. So by being conscious or by starting to wake up, you have an awareness of life around you. This is probably the second most powerful gift you could ever ask for. Do you know what a fantastic gift consciousness is?, without judgment, simply be aware of the unconscious around you and you will know how blessed you are, and then bless them for them to awaken, your brothers and sisters, no matter what race, colour, creed, it is irrelevant, you are all beings.

So you integrate your first gift of permission and that is to be able to expand that consciousness by affecting the self first, everything always begins and ends with the self, so you cannot become the healer of the world if you don’t try and heal yourself. Even if you are unable to heal yourself into grand perfection by working with yourself in a transformative healing state, you are healing. So the first thing we say is ok, lets heal, let us show you how to heal yourself and when I say heal yourself I mean love yourself, for all healing is done through a process of love. I am not speaking of a third dimensional situation where people are judging themselves and by judging themselves and others have taken on a portfolio of sickness expression during this journey, I am talking about a person who wants to shift their vibrational frequency no matter their illness, because you can. If it is meant for you to heal it, you heal it, if it is not you love it and you leave with it. But do not; do not let it hold a hammer over your head, for you are the one that said sign me up for that party. Nobody else convinced you to come here so why would you let something else convince your life on how to run it, how to steer it and that goes for all addictions. You are the one in charge, so as a being in charge you give charge or permission over your cells, your tissue, your DNA, so this is where the third phase of this magnificent journey begins to lift you into an even higher frequency by saying, so we have given you the love, you’ve got the intention, you’ve got the intuition, we play with the imagination, and now let’s step forth, let’s get to the integration and by integrating we need permission. So that’s where we are going.

So this phase of your journey beloved ones, as relating to this part of the meditation that we are working with, is asking you at this time, at this 10:10 gateway (10 October), at a gateway of expanded and massive consciousness…., so what are you going to allow yourself to experience for you to have enough love for yourself to give yourself permission for your world to become transformed, because the first thing we need to work with is we need to work with the transformation of your biology, we need to change the blueprint, you need to change the fine detail, it’s like the mother board of a computer, you need to rewire and change that step by step, bit by bit, level by level for you to be able to finally reach a space within your being where you can now integrate all this new information and you can actually start reprogramming the process of your life. So this is the phase where you are in your journey. Are you there yet or are you still stuck in the very beginning? Have you gone on to step one, have you gone on to phase two and are you now able to face phase three. Phase three is about truly discovering the magnificence of your being, two things, health and consciousness, that’s it, sorry, no lotto. Health and consciousness that is your lotto! Those are your lottery numbers, health and consciousness, that’s the gift given unto you and those are the profound gifts that we from the realms of light extend onto your planet that all of us have come together in a united energy, a cosmic flow of light and that we are waving and wavering onto your planet like never before. There is a lot of resistance still, but then again we have a lot of patience and we have a lot of backup.

Now the same as we are backed up to help you, the same we say to you in that phase of your life become the policeman of your own world. Open up your pineal, your pituitary, open up your nerve plexuses, integrate the higher aspect of your third eye and through that use your machine gun of love and blast the life out of everything you don’t want and at the same time explode every crystalline opportunity of that which you wish to integrate and you do so by giving yourself permission. You cannot do it without it.

You may walk down the street and say to yourself yes this, yes that. I am not asking that, I am asking about consciousness, I am now saying to you it is up to you folk, in this particular category of your being, of your state of being that relates to this third aspect of the most incredible meditation that we are trying to teach you and share with you as to where you find yourself at, in your mind, in your DNA, in your cell tissue, by acknowledging and giving thanks to your physicality, to your body, you have done the senses, you now are going to get in touch with your body, your skin, your integumentary systems, you are going to get in touch with your skeletal, with your physicality, with this pump and the circulatory system that makes it all happen and it is through this live wire, this network of etheric electric impulses like your meditation says, that you work with yourself and through that you give thanks for that, you embrace that and by embracing that you listen to the song of your soul as it orchestrates a brand new frequency of perfection for you. That is what you are doing with all this. You are creating a new soul song and your soul is helping you create it, for your soul essence is overseeing the physicality. The spirit essence oversees the soul essence. The Higher Self is in all that, in that entire vacuum, as you by now begin to understand. You cannot do anything separate from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is what allowed this passage and still to a great extent it allows what is being brought across that bridge, that antahkarana, for some of the things you can understand and some you can’t, some you can perceive and the rest you can’t handle, so why freak yourself out, let us filter and let us hold you in the cradle of love, the cradle of creation.

So this is where we say then, if you have decided that you give yourself permission to integrate and change and perform then as you do to the self so you do to all others and in doing to all others you do to the Earth, so you become a proud carrier of the New Earth DNA, as you become a proud carrier of your new divine blueprint, your new DNA, your new divine intelligent energy source, your DNA, and as you begin to rewrite, rescript your DNA that automatically impresses onto the planet and as we have said through the hands and the feet first and everything else follows beyond that.

Beloved ones as you walk down the road on a beautiful journey of life, you have all sorts of cells and skin shedding, and hair shedding from your body, your DNA is everywhere. Your feet and your hands imprint the parts that perhaps you have missed. And as you leave your blueprint on this planet we ask you to now give yourself permission, give yourself permission to integrate a new blueprint for yourself.

Allow the magnificent love that surrounds your planet, especially this day, it’s a key day, and every other day of your world, to fill your being. Allow this beautiful vibrational frequency of divinity and peace and healing to become you.

At this troubled time when your world has become shaky don’t ever forget that you are divinely guided and protected, that you are cradled within the hand of the ONE that Created you, the One that Created All. Focus your heart essence on doing good and being good and remember the easiest way to transform your world or anything else in your world is by loving it.

May the light of Christ be within you now and always in all ways and please understand and remember that not now or not ever can you ever be alone.

 I AM Kuthumi, I AM the Lord and the Master Chohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I greet and I sincerely and honestly bless and love you and hug you with love.


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