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MONEY MATTERS: The Energy of Money Creating wealth from the inside out!

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. Ayn Rand There are a lot of things to explore when looking at the issues of prosperity and it has more to do with just the money. It’s not that you are here and your money is there. What if a truth is that your money is just an extension of you? Is it possible that when you own this and acknowledge this, you are empowered to change who you are with money and the position you currently occupy in life?

In fact, money by itself, has absolutely no energy at all, it also has no personality or traits or feelings: it’s just paper and coins. You may have heard: everything has energy. Ok, so take a plain piece of paper/newspaper/notepaper and hold it in one hand and take a money note and hold it in the other. Do they feel different on an emotional/spiritual/mental or physical level? In what way? Is this your response to each of them in turn rather than the energy they each hold? Take a moment and look at the feelings in your own body when you touch, see, feel each of the papers in turn (remember that money is just paper). Maybe start having an awareness of your inner editor: what does it dismiss? What is it closed to that blocks new ideas, imaginations and possibilities from reaching you?

What if the following statement is true: It is only when money is exchanged between two people or entities, like corporations, that it gains any energy. If this is true, is it possible that money is attached to people, and money is the symbol of that relationship.

In this sense you could say that money is the energy of the relationship between two entities. How you feel when dealing with your money is really how you deal with your relationship with yourself, others and the world around you.

When you think about your salary, creating an invoice, submitting a request for payment how do YOU feel? Are your feelings different between every interaction you have with money? If so, what is the current relationship between you and that situation/entity/person? Do you feel “less than”? Are you expanded or contracted when you think about this? How do you feel when you pay bills like rates, tax, electricity, water? Is it with a feeling of resentment? Or are you in appreciation that you can experience electricity to boil a kettle and water to shower with or drink and roads to drive on, etc? The energy you feel in that moment, is the energy you use when creating money.

While this article is exploring the energy of money, it is actually exploring your relationship with people/entities/situations. Because the energy around those relationships is the energy you attribute to money. It is this energy you use to manifest and create your money situation.

Even though money is physically separate from you, it truly is an extension of your feelings and reactions to the world around you.

What have you discovered reading this article? What insights have you gained about YOUR relationship with people, places, situations and money? What if, opening yourself to new ideas and insights, you are able to change your current money situation to something even better than where you are right now? Can you feel it? An excitement that grows within you when you realise that the power you have attributed to money through all this time, is actually a power that you have taken away from yourself? How does it feel to empower yourself and allow yourself to become a master of money – relegating money to its position of servant – which is what it was always meant to be? I’d love to hear from you with regard to your insights or queries. Feel free to email me @ michele@AllKeyAcademy.co.za and maybe we’ll create a WhatsApp group for discussion.

Who is Michele Mollentz – and what is All Key Academy? Throughout my journey, the body has fascinated me: be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. I have been curious as to why it behaves the way it does on all those levels and whether, if at all, they are all connected. And I came up with a resounding “YES!” Using all the Body knowledge I studied, and learned and pieced together, through a multitude of teachers and modalities, enables me to understand how the body works, how it is in continuous conversation with you – if you’ll just pause and listen. All Key Academy emerged to create a safe, secure and protected environment in which to learn, empower and transform. This is where you can learn a variety of methods to communicate with your body, through modalities such as, Chakra Balancing Massage, Mindfulness Meditation, Multi-Dimensional Meditation, Business, Life and Self-development coaching (“In The Flow” and “Money Matters” coaching programs), Life Mapping, De-chording and Access Bars. My point of view is that your Self Relationship is the most important relationship for you to know in the support of you in your journey. Once you understand and are aware of your Identity – your auto-responses – you are able to SHIFT them if you want to. All my work as a Transformation Educator is to support you in your understanding of your own Self Relationship as you travel on your journey to emerge into all of you. This is my Soul Purpose. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you in ways that you feel resonate with you. How can I support you today?

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