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The responsibility of the medium 1 Feb

The Responsibilities of Mediumship

For the most part, people seek the services of a medium, when they are facing difficult and challenging times in their life.  When a loved one passes over into the spirit world, those who are left behind find comfort in knowing that their loved one has successfully made the transition.  That there was someone on the other side, to greet them and to help them over the rainbow bridge and into the light.

Life is challenging and without a doubt 2020 has brought about it’s own very unique challenges.  Seeking the services of a medium is a way to connect to our spirit guides and to receive the guidance and inspiration that we need in order to move through what we’re experiencing and to understand and make sense of it all.  Ending off a relationship with someone who you have shared your life with, however long or short that time period, also comes with it’s challenges.  It’s about facing those fears and working through them, and again with the help of a medium, our guides can assist.  So too is the case with problems being experienced with employment and in fact all aspects of our human existence.

Most of us have been for a private reading at some point in our lives or know someone who has had a reading.  When we think about having a reading, we think about it from the perspective of the one who is being read.  What about the whole process from the perspective of the medium?

There is huge responsibility that comes when doing a private reading for someone.  The medium needs to be very aware of the implications of passing on a message that has not been correctly interpreted by him/her.  That’s a very difficult one to determine.  However, the responsibility lies with the medium to ensure that their client relates to the message and fully understands that it comes from a place of unconditional love.  It is the responsibility of the medium to ensure that their client always understands that it is not possible to predict the future.  The way that the guides pass on their inspiration where they see anything playing out in the future, is always based on current circumstance and behaviours of the person being read.

Making the client feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence rests solely on the shoulders of the medium.  So too is ensuring that their client feels a sense of confidence and trust.  Never allow yourself to feel like you are being judged by a medium or by the guides or your loved ones coming through.  Where advice is given, it is totally the responsibility of the medium to ensure that whatever advice is dispensed is not personal ie coming directly from the medium.  Any advice should only come from the guides and loved ones in spirit.  And at no time should a medium ever make a client feel like they are obligated to carry out such advice so that any advice given, should be acted upon only at the discretion of the person being read.

“The privelege of the medium is being allowed into the deepest most innermost personal aspects of a person’s life.  The responsibility of the medium is to honour and respect that trust.  The pay-off for the medium is being in a position to connect loved ones and inject the light into the darkness.”  Glynis Brits

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