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Jen’s Journey – The Beginning

Hello and welcome to the story of my journey.  I am known by a few names – my birth name Jennifer and the shortened versions used by friends and family … Jen, Jen-Jen, Jenny (my mother hated me being called Jenny even though it is the name used the most).  You will notice that in closing I use my full name.  This is because I am stepping into my power and honouring my soul contract.  This journey has been amazing and so much has happened bringing me to where I am now.  Looking back I could not have told you all I was going to be going through but that will unfold for you as you read.

For as long as I can remember I had an imaginary friend whom I called Tickey.  Before my sister was born my mother had to set a place for Tickey at meals, if I got something then Tickey had to have as well.  In various readings over the years the reader has picked up on Tickey; one even described her and told me she was a twin in a past life.  This was a happy memory that I had brought forward into this life.  I don’t recall much more about her but my Mom spoke about her over the years.

I remember as a young girl ‘dreaming’ about flying at night but it felt so real.  I remember being fetched by beings that looked human and angelic at the same time.  They took me by the hands and up we flew …  high up into the skies amongst the stars.  It felt so peaceful, beautiful and natural and I never wanted to return to the body lying in my bed.  Today we call this astral travelling.  I wish I had been able to speak about my experiences and encouraged back then as children of today are encouraged but then so much has changed over the years and we are wiser parents and grandparents (I am still waiting patiently for my own grandchildren!)

The occult has always intrigued me and I knew that my paternal great aunt ‘had the gift’ and her family were aware of it.  As a child she ‘knew’ when something was going to happen or someone was going to cross over.  I believe my paternal grandmother also ‘had the gift’ but did not speak about it.  She was also a church going person and back then it was not a subject for discussion. 

I recall once many years ago when my parents were visiting friends whose daughter, my sister and I decided to sit and chat in their caravan in the garden when a gentleman wearing a coat & hat walked into the caravan, looked at us, turned and just disappeared.  The three of us ran to the house to tell our parents but we were told it was our imagination and they carried on talking which was the signal to go back into the garden and play.

As I got older, in high school, my interest grew.  I read the book ‘On The Death Of My Son’ by Jasper Swain about his son Mike who had died in an accident between Durban and Pietermaritzburg.  I just knew there was more to life.  I read whatever books I could that were available back then.  My Christian friends said they would pray for me as they felt I was heading down a path of no return.  I often wonder what they would say today especially as we know everything is connected.

The years passed and although my interest did not diminish life got in the way.  I had a few readings over the years and one in particular stood out.  I was already working and a friend and I went one evening to see a gentleman who did scrying.  My friend’s reading was very accurate and current.  Mine was interesting but a lot only came to be many years later.  The main part was when he spoke about living in a small community and doing healing with my hands.  Apart from Jesus doing healing as spoken of in the Bible I had not heard of this.   Well imagine my surprise when I eventually heard about and experienced Reiki …  more of that later.

By the time my sons were in school my interest again started to grow.  Our local library had an abundance of books and I read as many as I could.  I started meeting like minded people and I could feel a ‘new’ world opening up.  We lived in an area where Mind, Body and Soul Fairs were starting and I loved walking through them and feeling the energy and seeing all the different modalities.  At one fair I decided to experience Reiki not really knowing what it was but I was so drawn to it.  It was, for me, the most amazing experience I had ever had.  I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven.  I was so deep that the lady working on me battled to bring me back.  I liked the fact that the only item of clothing I had to remove was my shoes and that I was covered with a thin blanket for comfort.  I left her wanting to know more.  I walked into the next room and bought my first book on Reiki which I read eagerly wanting to know more.  Today the pages of that book are yellow with age.

My interest in Reiki kept growing and I read as many books from our local library as I could.  Eventually the opportunity arose for me to do my Reiki course.  This was a dream come true.  I loved every minute.  I practiced as much as I could … I do have a full time job as well.  My younger son loved it when I practiced on him and even asked me to “do that thing that makes me fall asleep”.  How I wished I had learned about this when both my sons were little, that the fairs were happening then, that everything we have available now was available then.  There were so many times I could have used all that I have learned since then and how different some choices would have been especially for my sons.  Past life regression, hypnosis, meditation, the list goes on but that was all just being made known.  I would have preferred any one of these holistic modalities to deal with issues rather than the conventional medical route we know.

Next time I will share with you the changes in my life over the last few years that have brought me to where I am now.  Until then please believe in yourself, listen to your intuition and know that you are always loved, protected and guided.  Even when times are hard and you feel as though you have hit rock bottom please know that your guardian angel never leaves your side and all you have to do is ask for help or guidance as they cannot intervene in your life without your permission.


Yours in Love & Light,


Jennifer Harris McGarvie

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