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True Inspiration – Focus Inwards

Every day we see inspirational quotes being posted on the internet and sent from one person to the next – people sharing messages that they hope will make their fellow human beings see the world differently and change their behaviours. It is an interesting thought though, that perhaps these messages are being posted in an attempt to make the person saying or posting them look like they have all the answers to life. Just a thought.

If you are unable to be that message that you post or live up to that message, perhaps you should think very carefully beforehand. Because it is easy to just spout words for the sake of it – there is a saying that empty vessels make the most noise. Some of those messages are truly inspirational and they do make one stop and think, even if it’s only for a second or two. The problem is, that they are read and then go out of our minds.   We don’t take them in and incorporate them into our lives in any way. So the question remains, are they worth the time and effort to write in the first place, and then in the second place, to post into a public space for everyone to read?

From a spiritual perspective, living your life in the most spiritual way possible is a very personal journey. It is one that should be very inwardly focused. We should be worrying only about our own personal growth and if through how we live our life, we inspire others. Because through personally inspiring others through our actions, we will contribute to their personal growth and that is how we help each other. To say something without meaning it and to offer advice in any way without having the experience to back it up, is futile and judgemental. It is assuming that the other person doesn’t have the capability, the wisdom or the knowledge that you have – and that is not living your life spiritually.

Putting your hand out and helping someone else when they need it and for the sake of their benefit is living your life spiritually. Putting your hand out to help someone when you think they need your help, is judgemental.   There is a huge difference and it all involves our egos. When we allow our egos to lead us, we’re bound to be walking down the wrong path.   Putting ourselves first means concentrating on our own spiritual life and concerning ourselves only with our own development. For when we are truly introspective at all times, our ego cannot be allowed to take control and that benefits other people and helps them in ways that we cannot even begin to know. As parents, we fully grasp the concept of lead by example. This should be our mantra whether we are parents or not.

We all have so much to learn so why not focus completely on yourself. Make sure that you understand all the lessons that come your way.   Make sure that you take the learning out of the lessons that come your way and incorporate them into your life so as to make your life better. It will only be for your own life that you have to answer when you go back home.   Yes, you will have to answer for the way that you affected other peoples lives and for your actions towards them.   Does it then not make so much more sense for us to make it our life work to better ourselves from a spiritual perspective and to temper our egos. Does it then not make sense that if we do this, we will have achieved and contributed to the growth of all spiritual beings. Just a thought.

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